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About Nueva Ecija High School - Then and Now

During the American regime, many reforms were introduced, including social, economic, and political innovations. It was then that the Wright Institute was established in San Isidro, the first public high school outside of Manila. This institute became the Nueva Ecija High School until its transfer to Cabanatuan in 1927. The building was for a time the municipal hall. The elementary classes were held at the old provincial capitol. An agreement was reached between the school officials and the municipal authorities for the exchange of buildings.

The Nueva Ecija High School was then under the supervision of the School Division of San Fernando, Pampanga. Its memories lived through its alumni and students.

From 1901 to 1910, the supervision of the school was in the hands of Mr. T. W. Thompson, Division Superintendent of Schools based in San Fernando, Pampanga. Following him were Whipple, Coddington, Hitchcock, Whipple, Miller and Whipple.

Mr. Thompson came to the islands in 1901 on transport “Thomas” and was assigned September first of the same year as the Acting Division Superintendent of Nueva Ecija. On May, 1902, he was given regular appointment to the same position. On April, 1907, he became Division Superintendent of Ilocos Sur. On October, 1909, he was appointed Acting Superintendent of the Philippine Normal School.

Mr. Thompson was described as an official as earnest, capable, faithful, and efficient; and as a man, his genial temperament and exemplary character were such as to invite friendship, confidence and respect of all who knew him. Thompson died December 20, 1910.

The Nueva Ecija High School was located at San Isidro in 1914. Its existence was traced to the time of separation of the intermediate levels of the municipal school of San Isidro from the primary level in the month of May, 1904. But the real history of the high school began in 1902.

Since 1902, there have been many changes in the school. The municipal and provincial schools were then combined. In 1903, the big increase in enrolment necessitated the expansion of the school building. Another expansion in 1904 was undertaken through a loan of 15,000.00 pesos from the Insular government and by the donation of the north of the present site by Crispulo Sideco known as Kapitang Pulong, of San Isidro, Nueva Ecija. In 1907, Eufemio Policarpio sold to the school at a nominal price, one hectare of land connected with that piece of land. Mr. Policarpio was later elected President (1917-1922) of the town.

The school expansion program was started in the later part of 1904 and was completed on October 7, 1905 at the cost of 19,000.00 pesos and was opened on the same month. Through Governor Epfanio delos Sanros and Municipal President Florencio Miranda, the school was named “Wright Institute” in honor of Governor General Luke E. Wright.

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